Camp Manitou Sunset

About Camp Wabi


Camp Wabi is a partnership between YMCA Camp Manitou and Mayo Clinic Health System. This camp provides a positive environment where campers will be active, eat well and learn new skills to live a healthy lifestyle. We’re here to build confidence, enjoy healthy living, develop leadership, embrace friendship, appreciate nature and have fun!


Camp Wabi is a 7-day camp unlike any other summer camp as the entire family plays an important role. For one hour a day, campers receive lessons from a physician, dietitian or behavioral/recreational therapist on how to change their habits, nutrition or activity. Parents are expected to attend sessions at the beginning and end of camp and preform daily activities at home. In other words, family commitment is a requirement!


In a fun, outdoor setting, Camp Wabi will help kids entering grades 6-10 who struggle with obesity make lifestyle changes necessary to achieve a healthy weight. The camp team includes specialists from Mayo Clinic Health System with expertise in all aspects of weight management including nutrition, behavior therapy, psychology, pediatric medicine and exercise physiology along with experienced counselors.


Camp Wabi offers fun activities and programs you can’t do anywhere else! Whether you’re splattering your friends with mud on the mud hike, getting launched off the blob, taking a spin at log rolling, or soaking your counselor in the lake, every moment at Wabi is a blast. While you’re here you’ll get a chance to hang out with new people and get to know the counselors who truly make this camp an amazing place!