Why Camp Wabi?

We'll let our campers, parents and counselors tell you how Camp Wabi has changed their lives!

Quotes & Testimonials


  • "I learned healthy habits and healthy food choices…"

  • "I learned healthy eating habits and to put my food into portions…"

  • "It is literally life changing, and to be honest it is a dream come true!"

  • "I learned so much and am super excited to teach my family…"

  • "Made me open my eyes to see how unhealthy I was. Thank you so much for this experience! I’ve learned that there are people that want to help me and give me encouragement.  I believe you have given me some peace and comfort here."

From the Parents


"My son, Darby, age 10 at the time, attended Camp Wabi Aug 2014. Darby doesn't like to move, at all! When he started back to school just 2 weeks after camp had ended, his gym teacher for the prior 4 years was very impressed with his willingness to participate. He was known to start complaining about the aches and pains before he even knew what the activity was for that day!


In February the school had a ski trip to Afton Alps. They had to participate as part of their grade. Although he tried quitting a couple of times they were able to talk him into staying on the slopes. He soon got the hang of it and skied the entire time. He came home saying he was ready to join the ski team!! He still has a long way to go, but every step is great progress. He will be back at Camp Wabi again this year and is already planning all the fun activities he will be participating in! Another benefit of Camp Wabi is Darby is now willing to add vegetables on his sandwiches and is more willing to try new foods.

 - MJS


"Camp Wabi was an amazing experience not just for our son but our whole family.  What I loved about camp was that he got the opportunity to have an amazing camp experience where he learned how to be the “best version of himself” and came home so energized and happy with himself, and we as parents went from feeling helpless at helping him to feeling empowered and knowledgeable.  We feel so thankful for Camp Wabi and he is going back again this summer because he WANTS to, not because we are 'making him'."

- Anonymous Parent


I wanted to write a quick note about Camp Wabi and how it has made a difference in the life of my daughter, Katie. Katie did not want to go to the camp, she cried and pleaded and threatened to jump out of the car… it was very dramatic.


I had spent a few years watching her develop relationships with kids at school that were not good, and even though her excess weight was not healthy, the emotional turmoil that bad friendships can do to a young girl is much worse. I am not thin, but I have great friends. I wanted Katie to see that there were other people in the area that had the same struggles with their relationships and with weight, and that being overweight did not mean you had to accept being treated badly.


I know that Camp Wabi is a camp to learn how to eat, move and live healthy, but for us, it gave Katie a sense of wholeness… I don’t know how else to describe it. She came back a happier person, learned a lot, and made some very good friends. She looks forward to camp again this year, and I can’t tell you what a blessing it was for us to find it! Thank you!

- Anonymous Parent
Jonah Giese


After working at Camp Wabi for the past two years, I have come to a realization: It is the most rewarding place on this earth. As a counselor this past summer, I have witnessed the momentous positive changes this camp can make, physically, mentally and emotionally.  


At Camp Wabi, we strive to enrich ourselves in our minds, bodies and spirits, and in those two weeks, that vision is realized in each and every camper ..."


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Jessica Frase


Jessica, who attended Wabi in 2012, 2013 and 2014 camp sessions, appreciates Camp Wabi’s care for her whole person. “Camp helps you realize how much people weigh doesn’t have anything to do with how they act,” Frase says.


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