What to Expect

Wabi combines the fun and healthy environment of Camp Manitou with a meaningful healthy living component focused on developing good habits. The program is more than just what happens in camp. Camp requires the support of the whole family and a long-term commitment to live well. After camp, children, families and camp staff will join back together for reunions back in Eau Claire.

Family Commitment

Wabi is unlike other summer camps as the entire family plays an important role. The long-term success of campers is reliant upon the support of those around them. We ask that all parents attend parent meetings on drop-off day and pick-up day. You will learn how to support your child in what they learned at a camp.



Reunions will be planned as a way to stay connected. They are an important part of the Camp Wabi experience. Parents will join in group discussions and get tips from health experts. Campers will reunite with old friends and counselors to have fun and support each other. We ask that all participants and their guardians attend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It's natural to have questions about a new experience. We've tried to compile some of the questions we field most often on this page with some answers. For other questions, please contact us.


I don't know anyone. Will I have friends?

Most campers come by themselves and leave as a group of friends!


Am I going to be hungry?

We serve three nutritious meals and two snacks a day. Campers say they are surprised at how filling and tasty the food is.


Is this a fat camp?

Our focus is on healthy living. While campers all lose weight, it is not a competition or the main focus of camp. We believe in developing healthy habits. Our philosophy is to focus on the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve a healthy weight.


Is camp fun?

Most campers report Camp Wabi as the highlight of their summer and feel comfortable being themselves there.



Where is Wabi Located?

27960 137th Street
New Auburn, WI 54757

Camp Wabi & Camp Manitou, Long Lake, WI
Camp Wabi & Camp Manitou, Long Lake, WI